Hardworking Pakistani Bodybuilder Wins Gold Medal

This bodybuilder has done the entire Pakistani nation proud after he won the bodybuilding competition in America. By profession, he sells ladies purse and handbags as a street vendor and bodybuilding is his prime passion and aim in life. Today, he has achieved one of the most coveted medals while competing against the peers from around the world. Reports say that he borrowed money from his friends and relatives to fly to America and take part in the competition. 

With no emphasis on any other sport than cricket in the country, this guy also failed to get any company sponsor. Companies don't invest in sports that have no or less appeal within the masses. Bodybuilding is one such sport where only a few individuals take interest and make it their profession. According to victorious Abdul Majeed, he needs around 3-4 thousand rupees (30-40USD) daily to keep himself in shape. After Muhammad Atif who won the Australian Arnold Classic competition some months ago, this is a great news for Pakistan. We should be recognized in the world by this type of achievements rather than negative spotlight.

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