Hand-Written List of Weapons Recovered From Altaf Hussain's House

MQM and Altaf Hussan its chief seems to be in hot waters after BBC published a report that claims the party has been taking funds from India to run its party operations. The founder of MQM is already facing money laundering charges and his alleged involvement in the murder of Imran Farooq back in 2010. While the military establishment is all against the foreign funded terrorists, it is being rumored that MQM will face further trouble in the future. Only time will tell. Rangers raided the 90-party headquarters in March and seized NATO weapons and ever since MQM has not been able to cope with the rising tide against it. 

Some people believe that both Pakistani and English establishments wants to pursue the minus-one formula and want to see MQM as a pure political force in the future. Until now, MQM has denied all allegations terming it a thick conspiracy against the party chief. Dr Shahid Masood revealed hand written list of weapons that Altaf Hussain forwarded for the purchase of weapons. Everybody knows that MQM has been involved in violent activities. Scorland Yard is also pursing the case against MQM and it seems things will get even tougher for MQM in the coming future.

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