What is Mardana Kamzori (in Urdu)

Another esoteric and strange topic lol. Mardana kamzori is one of the rampant problems confronting many people in Pakistan and I think it has more to do with the mindset than with other factors (physical ones of course, and they are usually exaggerated). Mardana Kamzori can be cured easily and it only takes your will power. Arshad Bhai makes sense and he has extensive knowledge on the subject. 

Zakawate Hiss Ke Asbaab' Jaryan Aur Zakawate... by arshadshealthtips
There are plenty of additional resources for your guys and this one can help you understand a lot of issues that have worried you. Keep your hopes up and start a new powerful life. I think more and more people are turning to safe treatments like herbal and other cure but the overall situation is yet to go through a radical change. Eating habits are marred and there is no proper health care in the country. So things start to worsen. I will share more such posts in coming days and I hope you will also share with me your valuable opinions. Stay blessed brothers.

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