Mineral water brands: Nestle Pakistan

It is time for Nestle Pakistan to pay attention to a small video being circulated on the Internet. Nestle is a reputable company with a good track record and its products are used by a large number of Pakistanis. Mineral water is consumed across Pakistan and it is not uncommon to see little-known companies rip off consumers by selling substandard water.

 When it comes to big companies involved in drinking water business, we obviously can convince ourselves that the product we buy are safe and quality. Here is a small video that can't be verified independently, but it has gone viral across social media and now Nestle has to take action. There could be people bent on harming the company's credibility.

In Pakistan, it is not that unusual for individuals to sell substandard products under big brands' names, which is totally illegal and worst of all it tarnishes that company's reputation among consumers.

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