Funny Indian News Report on Pakistani Spy Pigeon

Indian media has gone wild over the Pigeon sent on mission from the Pakistani government. The worry of Indian media has attracted mockery from international media, let alone Pakistani channels. The pigeon has been arrested on charges of spying into the Indian territory. The pigeon has the Pakistani stamp as the identifier. Common sense has it that if the pigeon was mission-driven, why would Pakistani intelligence need to put stamp on it so that it could be caught easily? This is the height of dumb and senseless reporting and it can only be expected from the sensation-driven and tabloid like Indian TV channels. There is also a code word written in URDU on the Pigeon. The poor pigeon will now be sentenced to prison. What a mockery Indian media is making of its own.
Now what should we make of this entire funny reporting? Let's laugh and enjoy the stupidity of Indian TV channels.

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