Can Human Bring Dead Back To Life?

There are various wrong numbers in the country of Pakistan under different names and rituals. Usually the superstitious people fall prey to the tactics of magicians who lead people to mistake their trickery and treachery for miracles. There are no miracles in this earthly world and it is all in the nads of Allah.

All matters of life and death are in the hands of Allah and no creature can influence that. If anybody claims to bring the dead to life, he is the biggest cheat and fraud. There has to some limits of ignorance but it seems the fake peers and saints are exploiting the people under different pretexts and false show of magic. Sure, magic does exists and it can blindfold and deceive the human eye but it cannot bring dead to this world again.

Here is a documentary on the topic. The fake peer in the video claims to have an ability that he can take or bring back anybody's life. This is the self-claimed miracle of this magician. Unfortunately this is all taking place in the Muslim country Paksitan and nobody takes action against these fake peers and spiritual charlatans. 


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