A shirkiya taweez for black magic (kala jadu) exposed

Today I am going to show you an example of a shirkiya (full of words that summon shaitaan evil) taweez that was written to cast or probably remove black magic spell on a person (remember people also rely on black magic to remove spells which is totally prohibited in Islam). This is so stupid and inhumane to cast a black magic (jadu tona) on people with the hope that they would be destroyed. These things are more rampant these days and we must avoid falling into the traps of Shaitaan/devil.
black magic (kala jadu tona) taweez exposed by raqi Aby Thar
A Raqi (an expert who breaks spells by reciting Quran verses) earthed this taweez after an extended ruqya session on a patient and this is what was recovered. Have a look at it and see the writings. It is in Urdu language.

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