Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 2 (review)

To tell you the truth when I came to know that the director of Zindagi Gulzar Hai is Sultana Siddiqui I felt a bit worried because I had never got a chance to review her dramas before and was kind of sceptical as to what to expect. To my surprise, everything went perfect when I sat down to watch the series. 

The direction is wonderful and best of all editing is superb, corresponding to the storyline. This shows that Sultana Siddiqui has a real knack for knowing what the audience wants to see. One moment the audience is happy for Kashaf joining a credible University, the next they have no idea how to react to her father's unexpected behavior. 

It reminds me of Darcy's and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice when I see how Kashaf and Zaroon’s meet. Wonderful acting. 
Also, Sameena Peerzada's acting is incredible as she comes across as a person who knows exactly how to handle tough situations in her family. She is not like typical mothers that we see in most of soaps but she can stand for herself and reacts to situation tactically as Kashaf's father gave her a tough time now and then. Kashaf's father has a second wife.

It is sad how these people are worried about their family's culture and values but don't pay attention to the responsibility that require them to help the poor girl with her studies. never actually fulfill any obligations of support or help that also come with the word family. Kashaf is passionate about proving her mettle in education and she has big dreams but her family is thinking something else and their top priority of course is to make sure their family image is not tarnished. The conversation between Kashaf and her mother is enough to explain what the family was worried about.

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