Yemen crisis: UAE warns Pakistan of dire consequences if it doesn't support Arab alliance

UAE (United Arab Emirates) has warned Pakistan of unwanted consequences if it does not send troops to join hands with Arab Alliance fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pakistani news media was abuzz with the latest development the other night and government officials scrambled to show up on some of the news media outlets explaining their stance on Yemen crisis is being taken out of the context. "Pakistan is not double-minded and Saudi Arabia knows what our decision on Yemen is. We stand by our Arab friends," a government official told on a news channel.
Yemen News Urdu: UAE threatens Paksitan
UAE foreign minister Doctor Anwar Qarqash lashed out at Pakistan's foreign office for not coming up with a definite response, demanding the atomic power decide where it should stand.

Doctor Qarqash said the delaying tactics and the resolution passed by Pakistani parliament means that Pakistan wants to placate Iran and doesn't want friction with the enemies of Arab Alliance.

Someone should tell UAE that it is Pakistan that will help defuse friction in the region as it has done the right thing by not sending troops to join the fight against Yemen rebels.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, maintained a diplomatic tone and appreciated Pakistan's role. "Even if Pakistani armed forces joined us in the battle, their role would be to only prop up the Arab alliance, not the key role," a Saudi foreign officials said this week.
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