The Opposition On Minimum Wage Policy

Some people in the media are of the opinion that increase in the minimum wage will produce better value for the federal government. Higher wages will attract more qualified professionals which will in essence the quality of work and reduce turnover which will offset the cost of providing higher wages. However, the new wage increase will affect very few workers immediately, because but it will be applicable when new contracts are signed, The increase in the minimum will also help small businesses because contractors now will not help competitors who undercut others by quoting lower prices. The order could exert pressure on small companies which will give competitors in the private sector an advantage.
Why Conservatives Oppose Raising the Minimum Wage
            Minimum wage jobs are usually for people who are just beginning their careers. However in the current economy even these jobs are quite scarce. According to the Conservatives, the wage increase will create fewer jobs and employers will probably fire some employees to save expenses. Most people who are working on minimum wages are not skilled workers and the work that they do is not considered essential. This means that making them more costly will result in their becoming redundant and jobless; Employers would rather pay one excellent employee $16/hr with benefits rather than pay two inexperienced entry-level workers $9 with benefits. The net result is fewer jobs as duties are consolidated into fewer and fewer positions. So the Conservatives feel that with the increase of minimum wages, more people would become jobless.
Personal Opinion
            According to my personal opinion, the president’s policies has both negative and positive connotations which must be evenly balanced. The workers who will benefit must be weighed against those who would be rendered jobless because many companies would stop hiring and probably terminate other workers because of the increase in their operating expenses. This can be balanced with the fact that a millions of people would be getting enough money to at least meet their expenses in a more dignified manner. The fast food industry employs moiré than 2 million, and the increase in the minimum wage would have a significant economic impart. Whether the impact is negative or positive depends upon the person you are talking to. The wage increase would give parents more time with their children as then they would not have to work multiple jobs. The minimum wage also prevents the opening of new businesses due to escalated costs. The more businesses there are, the better chances of people finding employment. In essence, this policy should be balanced evenly so as to cause the minimum economic damage.


            It is obvious that any policy will not make everyone happy. There are upsides and downsides for every policy decision made. This should not be just a matter of scoring political points, but doing what is right and good for the country. If the decision has a positive impact on more people than are negatively affected, then it might make sense to implement the minimum wage policy. The president and his advisors must weigh all pros and cons and try to push through this minimum wage policy by consensus by taking the advice of all concerned. That would be much better than pushing it through under the executive powers.

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