Tahir Shah Gets What He Wanted

Tahir Shah is a social media celebrity who rose to fame with his song "Eye to Eye". The song thunderstruck the social media and Shah enjoyed the spotlight that he was seeking. The song, undoubtedly, won the internet in Pakistan and it was all the rage. People were listening to this creative and hardcore pop song more than the mainstream singers like Atif Aslam and others. 

Watch Video: Click Here

The song was so romantic that it made some people sick. I died laughing when I first listened to it. The song is however directed well and does not have any such flaws from the the production side.  It is a "genyin killasic" (genuine classic) and romantic song that will thrill you if you are an average English leaner, the adjectives used in the lyrics of the song will amuse you. 

His glowing cheeks and long curly hair also add to the beauty of this song not to mention the eye lens Shah has put on. The video has the story about Shah's self claim that he has won the prestige music competition award. It is an American title and given to the songs that are best. The judging factors are production, quality of the song, and budget used to create the song. 

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