Professional Nursing Model In Nursing

The field of nursing with the passage of time has incorporated some novel and state of the art ways through which it intends to revolutionize the ways through which healthcare is provided to people. One of such ways has been through the integration of professional and practical models through which the entire concept of providing quality healthcare is ensured to patients.
With the presence, inclusion and implementation of these different nursing practical models and practices the concept of providing quality healthcare by institutes and healthcare centers has also improved in terms of the service that they provide to patients coming to them even in the most critical condition.
The purpose of this paper is to analyse on such practical and professional nursing model that can be implemented within a healthcare organization to ensure that patients coming are provided with the best healthcare facilities in terms of treatment as well as care.
Overview of the Nursing Model
The nursing model that needs to be introduced here is based on the phenomenon of thinking hats. These thinking hats of different colours are concerned with the different aspects and dimensions of decision making processes (De Bono, 2010). The Red Hat deals with the ways through which people can easily demonstrate their gut feeling and nature related to a certain issue. Hence, it is useful when someone needs to express their opinion and perspectives related to a certain issue in a discussion.
Next in line is the black hat which as suggested by the colour introduces us to the negative orientation and allows us to analyse the other side of the issue instead of ignoring it completely. The yellow hat is considered to a sing of optimism and positivity. It deals with the positive outcomes and the benefits that can be obtained by implementing or exercising a certain idea. New ideas and innovation is done through the green hat (Lipe, 2003).
Innovative thinking is appreciated and new avenues that can introduce greater scale and increase the scope of development within an organization are appreciated. With the help of this model and by implementing it in a healthcare organization effective outcomes related to dealing with patients and providing them with the nature of treatment that they require can be done in an efficient, effective and streamlined manner.
Changes Expected from this model
One of the key changes that we can expect coming in the treatment and operational mode in a healthcare organization through the implementation of this model will be in the form of greater streamlining of their processes (Huber, 2006). Any healthcare organization or any organization for that matter is recognized through the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that they follow.
With the help of this model one of the ways through which change can be introduced will be in the form of providing greater say and participation of different people that are involved in the overall treatment process of a patient (Mullen and Asher, 2007). It is commonly observed that in cases and situation when a patient is in a critical condition it is normally an expert team of specialized doctors and surgeons that are considered to be the most important stakeholders in deciding the nature of mode of treatment that needs to be employed for treating a patient. This is something unfair and inappropriate.
The presence of this biased opinion making can only be eliminated through implementing the model of thinking hats (Lyons and Karlman, 2008). Through such a process all people involved in the treatment and look after of the patient will be allowed and will have the authority to express their opinion. This is also important since nurses spend more time with patients in such critical health position than doctors and surgeons who are only present at the time of an operation or for a brief visit.
In addition to this the contribution of these people is also pivotal since they are in a better position to provide information through their input not only regarding the physical condition, but also in terms of the mental trauma or condition that the patient may be going through due to fear of operation or surgery (Johnson and Kelly, 1991). Hence, with the implementation of such a model, a healthcare organization is able to introduce a democratic culture within the working environment by giving importance to the perspective and opinion of all its workers and staff members.
Specific ways in which Practical Model can bring change
There are some specific ways in which implementation of this model can bring some prominent changes in the ways through which treatment of patients is taking place in a healthcare organization.
·         Incorporating the model of thinking hats will help doctors, nurses as well as other related staff members in the healthcare organization to think about the treatment mode that they need to employ in treating a patient in serious condition (Young, 2007). With the help of the case history that they will have of the patient and by using this model of thinking hats they can easily assess and analyse the gravity of the situation that they are confronted with, and can devise a policy or treatment mode unanimously that is in greater benefit and favor of the patient and his or her health.
·         Secondly, this model will also come in handy when a patient is admitted in a hospital for the first time. Upon conducting some preliminary diagnostic tests of the patient, doctors can sit together and decide the mode of treatment that they need to apply and use for treating the particular patient. Also, an active part of this discussion will comprise of nurses who will be provided with specific instructions that they need to follow in order to ensure that there is no negligence when it comes to taking care of the patient even in the most serious and critical conditions.
·         Learning scope and potentials for all staff members whether they are doctors or nurses will increase through the implementation of this practice model. Doctors will be trained in developing an approach through which they can show greater tolerance and patience towards listening to the opinion of others and accepting them at the same time . Also, nurses will explore new learning opportunities through which they can excel and learn new things related to the science of healthcare and the ways through which they can take care of patients in an effective manner.
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