How The Use Of Technology Can Be Improved At Corporate Level?

There are a couple of recommendations that can be made in this context. First and foremost, it is important to state that the devices provided to students must not be class specific, but on individual basis. Each student must be provided with a proper tablet that can be used for this purpose (Flexera, 2012). Since it is the virtual environment through which data communication will be established, there will not be much problem since data storage and formation large repositories of data in a virtual space and environment is completely hassle free.
However, one of the problems that the technical or networking department may face is identifying the user making use of the device for data usage and downloading. In that case an effective recommendation can be in the form of assigning each user, in this case with a specific identification code or simply their respective internet protocol as the ultimate antigen through which the user can be identified and the data that he or she has used or downloaded (Meah, 2009).
Project Introduction
The sector of information technology has undergone unimaginable changes and modifications in recent times. The outcome of all these changes and innovations can collectively be converged on a single point and that can be in the form of introducing and creating greater easiness and convenience for people using this technology on a broader level in a more effective and efficient manner.
The changes in technology have influenced almost every facet and sector of life making it a pervasive part of the human life. Similarly, education being an integral and vital factor of our lives cannot remain marginalized from these innovations (Datacore, 2012). Hence, it is important to study and assess the changes that are taking place in the educational sector all around the world in order to develop an approach through which they can be utilized and innovated to incorporate greater conveniences and easiness for students.
Once we acknowledge the influence of technology on education it is important to consider that the scope of this technology over the years has constantly expanded and innovated. Therefore, it is important for educational institutes as well as those studying different languages and computer science courses to be properly acquainted and connected with the changes taking place in the field and the ways through which these new concepts and technology that they learn can be applied in a broader level to benefit a large number of people and can serve a social purpose as well
Document Overview
The document will comprise of different parts as per the criteria and standards that are followed when preparing a thesis on any topic. It will include an introduction that will talk about the concept of virtualization as well as technology and how both these factors are interconnected and benefit each other. The literature review portion will talk about the ways through which virtualization has been used in the field of education and how it has transformed the overall visage of education in contemporary times.
The methodology will be based on the ways through which the new concept of application virtualization can be applied in educational institutes and the environment that can either support or reject the idea. Analysis will deal with the findings made from methodology and what opinion does this establish regarding the perception building about the idea that the research has introduced. In the end the document will be accompanied with recommendations through which greater scope and space of improvements in the technology introduced can be incorporated and areas where any existing loopholes can be filled.
Activities Plan
High Level Chart
The high level chart will incorporate all possible features through which the entire process of application virtualization will take place from beginning to end. At the same time the high level chart will also make sure that the different stages of the new technical idea of introducing this technology is properly explained in it.

Communication Plan
The communication plan will comprise of the series of trainings and workshops that will be conducted at all levels before this technology process is implemented in different educational institutions. The training sessions and series of workshops will be held for technical department of the university, teachers and students so that at all levels people are acquainted and communicated with the tasks and jobs that they need to fulfil once the technology undergoes implementation.
Resource Plan
Resource Planning needs to be done at different levels when planning and implementing a process. This needs to be done at different levels such as enterprise, human resource and management tasks and operational works that need to be done at all levels through which the resource plan can be fulfilled and required objectives can be achieved.
Integration Plan
The integration plan will have a look at the different ways and processes through which the technology being introduced in educational institutions at different levels. This will be segmented in a number of stages through which the entire consolidation of the new technology will be merged within the organizational structure in a manner so that the overall operational tasks and procedure that are followed by an organization on a daily basis can be fulfilled without causing any confusion or chaos within the organization.

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