SAMA News: A mechanic by day and fake doctor by night

In our country, healthcare facilities are so poor state and anyone can get a chance to fool unsuspecting people and make money without getting caught. A shocking footage has emerged, showing how poor our health ministry in Sindh is performing. A man was caught by a private news channel SAMA news team as he openly ran a clinic in a densely populated area of Sindh.

The man was so fearless that he continued to run his business by treating people using his own prescription and medicines. SAMA news team sent a man with a hidden camera and exposed the fake doctor who proudly introduced himself as Doctor Amjad. One of the team members pretending to be patient got his medicine and and recorded the footage. It was enough for the team to expose the doctor who did not even know how to spell a medicine, let alone diagnose patients with illness.

 Having made a footage recording Doctor Amjad confidently giving patients medicine and charging Rs 200 from each person, SAMA team visited the clinic with camera crew anchor. It was nice to see that Doctor Amjad had now become Ali and his profession also went through a big change: Doctor Amjad was now a mechanic making a living by mending motorcycle tyres. Ali said he was never Doctor Amjad and his job was to clean the clinic. I am sure SAMA anchor wanted to smash his head the wall and the look on his face indicated he was shocked by the lie.
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