Domestic Violence And Pregnancy

In order to get a clear overview and develop a comprehensive approach towards the problem of domestic violence and the ways through which it affects pregnancy or childbirth can be explained in the form of some hard hitting and appalling facts related to the enormity listed below.
·         Between 4 and 9 every women out of 100 are abused in the state of pregnancy either before or after the birth.
·         A study conducted in the US found out that a primary cause behind the suicide of pregnant women is mainly because of the repeated domestic violence that they face.
·         23 percent reported that they have been victims of domestic violence and abuse when they were questioned about. Another 3 percent revealed that they faced domestic violence while they had conceived a baby (Woman Said, 2005).
It is also important to mention and highlight here that the concept related to domestic violence needs to be cleared here from misconceptions. Domestic violence is not just restricted to physical abuse, but contrary to popular notion and perception also has mental impacts and dimensions that need to be considered. The spectrum of domestic violence also incorporates psychological harm of actions through which the other person intends to maintain power and authority such as coercion and intimidation (Stopvaw, 2013).
Some non-physical ways that are integrated and comprise of domestic violence include humiliation, constant criticism, name-calling and attempts of isolating a woman from his family and friends. Practices of emotionally abusing a woman can sometimes leave long lasting and debilitating impacts on the woman and also the child she carries in her womb. An easy way through which a victim of emotional abuse can be pointed out is that she is in a state of constant fear which will be a prominent sign that she has been a victim of domestic violence.
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