Cost Analysis Of Cloud Computing Services

When considering and analyzing the cost behind the deployment of cloud computing mechanism and infrastructure it is important that the deployment process mainly takes place in three different segments. For instance if the cloud computing model for research is to be considered these three stages include initiation or getting started which is then followed by production and operation costs and finally storage.
 If we were to go into further details, we will very easily be able to breakdown the costs and the expenditures of the costs that are required for the deployment of a proper cloud infrastructure in different environments.
It is also important to state here that the calculations that have been made regarding the costs of cloud computing deployment and usage are hypothetical since there are many additional services and add-ons that are provided by cloud computing services. These include fix and dedicated IP addresses, load balancing, monitoring, scaling of data along with other management packages that are also available along with the ones that are provided to them (Hawtin, 2012). This will further reduce the costs for any company in the deployment of cloud computing service and will help in the enhancement of their functions as well. 
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