Anushka Sharma's Smart Reply to Journo

Anushka Sharma, the PK film actress, came under fire following India's defeat to Australia in the world cup 2015 semi-final. She is the girlfriend of India's star batsman Virat Kolhi and was there in the match. Virat did not perform well at all when his team needed him most. Every Indian fan was disappointed but of course it was not her fault. 

The Indian people much like Pakistanis are overly emotional when it comes to cricket and they find scapegoats quickly when their team lose and the similar thing happened when India lost against Australia. I can feel the embarrassing feeling Anushka must be going through. She paid the price for something that she did not do. 
Of course, nobody can doubt her patriotism but she was the only scapegoat following India's defeat. Indian media is always after the news that relate to celebrities. But in this interview, Anushka came hard and straight on the female journalist. 

She refused to even refer anything to Virat and said her favorite game was tennis and that she was rooting for team India rather than any particular player. The journo was of course cajoling her into saying something about Virat and she did not say anything. People gave vent to their frustration and blamed her for the defeat but she has acted quite sensibly. 

The news makers create controversies out of the celebrities' personal lives and which dent their public reputation but this is how the celebrities should face the media. Another good example of remaining far from off-field controversies is that of Lionel Messi. We barely know anything about personal life and his tastes. The professionals should keep themselves focused on their jobs rather than petty newsy headlines that are only intended to attract the readership. Good job Anushka!

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