Worst tattoos that put them to shame rather than

These are some of the tattoos that put these people to shame and guess what? Think you'd get some appreciation with those weird tattoos? Well you've got what you wanted.

1. I really need a job. Will you employ me I am a graduate and will turn around your company.
Wanna play chess on my face? No formalities :)

2. Don't be afraid of me. I won't eat you alive.
Scary tattoo

3. I know people have been giving me a what-the-hell kinda look every time they see my face.

4. Food-crazy with fast food chains all over his body.
Fast food tattoos: What man would want to have Pizza Hut and KFC tattooed on his skin. There is one guy.

5. This is stupid and not even funny.
Bizarre tattoos: This one must have got him appreciation he wanted 

6. I know people recognize me as me, but sometimes they mistake me for someone else. I love it when they get confused.
Tattoo faced: This moustache and tattoo-face at the back of his head is a good bait
He wanted to make his parents proud of himself
Horrible tattoo that strikes no horror
The history of tattoos runs back centuries and primitive people also did these things.

These tattoos might make it to the top worst tattoos in America, but one thing that makes these people similar is the attitude and mindset. Some of them may be mentally disturbed and some may be just attention-seeker who think they don't need anyone's approval to do what they have to do. 
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