Which Cricketer Offered Imran Khan 15 Crore Rupees?

Horse trading is rampant in Pakistani politics and it has been here to stay. The recent senate elections have also proved its very importance in the politics. Every party is allegedly involved in seeking money for senate seats. How can a senator who has been elected on the base of wealth can deliver by bringing legislation much needed for the nation? 

Of course, he will first ensure the break even on the investment he has made. The surprising news just came out today that Shahid Afridi allegedly offered Imran Khan 15 crore Pakistani Rupees for a senate seat.

Imran Khan had also revealed it himself in the press conference without disclosing the name of the person. The offer from Afridi was that he would donate 15 crore to Shaukat Khanum hospital if PTI gives him a senate seat. 

There are so much wrong in our country that it is hard to determine what measures can ensure corruption-free Pakistan. Horse trading is a form of corruption. 

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