What's Gone Wrong With These Boys?

Two Indian girls want to take some rest and they choose a nice spot to relax, but their plan gets spoiled after a young man jumps in and starts molesting them in public. Confused by the arrival of an unwanted guest, the girls can be seen looking away in disgust and their only facial expression is frustration and anger.  Despite the fact that a molester is sitting by their side and he is pushy, and not ready to go away even though the girls beg him to leave them alone, nobody dares to question the shameless boy and keep him from annoying the girls who are minding their own business.

Being molested or bullied in public places has become one of the hot topics in India recently as the rape incident that saw a medical student die due to her injuries is enough to fuel the rage and people are feeling helpless to counter this menace in the country. 

This particular incident that happens in front of hundreds of people is also a nice example of how our society has become spineless in terms of women's respect and honour. The whole crowd gathers to see how the girls are being treated and not a single person has the courage to stop the mistreatment and force the molester to cut and run. 

When we see the growing number of rapes, domestic violence and mistreatment to women, we wonder what has gone wrong with the people, but never ask ourselves the question what if the affected girl was our own relative. The message should be sent to all the molesters and rapists loud and clear that the society may react and they should remember that what goes around comes around and things happen in this world for a reason. You get your comeuppances for being a bad apple.
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