The Most Intelligent Kid of Pakistan

Pakistan is no short of talent and genius in every walk of life. We have produced some genuine and legends that the entire world is proud of. The talented people in the country are however just strapped of the opportunities to express their talent. In cricket, we have legends like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Muhammad Amir. In science, we produced Dr Abdul Salam who went on to winning the Nobel Prize. 

In short, we have talent of great quality in almost every field but the corrupt system and inefficient governance often cripples that budding talent. This little boy Abdul Qadeer is one such a talented boy who lives in the Azad Kashmir. 

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In rural setting, it is not hard to imagine how less privileged type of life this young lad must be living but as they say talent cannot be suppressed. The video of this young lad hit the social media like a storm. He studies in the first half of the day and spends the rest of the day working as a "guide" for the tourists. 

Kashmir valley is one of the greatest tourist attraction and perhaps this is one of the few work opportunities for the locals who live there. Abdul Qadeer was with a group of doctors while serving as a guide on their tour. 

The tourist were impressed with his knowledge about science, biology and recorded his answers in the video. The first video spread like jungle fire on the social media. This paved the way for his national fame. There was hardly anybody who was not impressed with this boy's ability to answer some very hard science and biology questions. 

He does not falter in answering all of them. The more interesting fact is that he can explain his answers both in English and Urdu which shows hi solid grip over the subjects he has studied at school. He is an exceptional talent and it is time we harness this young prodigy for a better and progressive Pakistan. 

Abdul Qadeer has now the nickname of "doctor' attached to this name. He is just 13 years though but his intelligence guarantees the fact he will one of the most able and talented doctor in the future. 

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