The Brave Lady Resists The Robbery Attempt

Robbery is a commonplace type of thing throughout the world. Even the most peaceful countries are not free of it. This robbery incident took place in United States. How the lady Zahra Adil foiled the robbery attempt is absolutely courageous. It takes a lot of courage and guts to react in such situations. 

But she had her mind working when the robbers stormed into her store. She drove them away and without a cash. Her resistance in the face of two men robbers is a brave thing. The robbers resisted her as much as they could but could not steal any money from the store. 

According to her, the increasing number of robbery attempts in the area are due to the fact that people do not resist and as a result robbers continue to take advantage of people timidity. She is a brave Pakistani origin woman who should certainly be applauded for what she did. 

If I were in her shoes, I would probably let the robbers do the act without resisting them. It takes a lot of courage and risk to put up such a fight. She won big time:) 

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