Selling of dog meat goes unnoticed in Karachi

By Ali Hasan
A private TV channel Aab Tak has unearthed an underground network in Karachi that is involved in selling Haram meat to people.

Abb Takk - Khufia - Episode 55 - (Dog Meat) by abbtakktv The meat sold in the name of Halal Gost could of animals other than cows, goats and chickens. Hold your breath. You might be thinking what more could they possibly sell you if they are selling meat other than mutton, beef and chicken? You guessed it right. Dead donkeys are not the thing of the past, we have plenty of stray dogs wandering around for no reason. They are a trouble to us and sometimes bite kids. So why not start selling their meat to unsuspecting citizens of Karachi and do our society a favor as it will give us a dog-free city (sounds horrible though). That is horrendous I know and you want me to stop talking about this issue.

Sell dog meat in low-income areas and you will get away with that. No worries. There are many instances when law enforcers crack down on people selling haram meat in the city, but this does not seem to eradicate the problem. The media may highlight these issues, but on surface, the network of these haram-gost sellers stay intact and it is business as usual for them. 
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