Real Ghost Caught On Camera Who Scared The Girl Off

Ghosts do exists despite the fact there are so many tales and stories that can easily be refuted and negated. The existence is real and sometimes they manifest themselves by taking different forms. They rarely take the form of humans and cannot escape the eye of camera when they do. 

There are many people who believe otherwise and say their existence is highly exaggerated and they dont exist at all. But the fact is they exist. Being a  Muslim, we cannot question any verse of Quran and there is an entire Surah in Quran named "Surah Al-Jinn"


This Surah clearly tells what Jinns are all about. They have different religions, clans and follow different ways. Some of them are Muslims and others belong to different religions. The conservatives of almost all religions don't question these entities while modern science following people don't tend to believe anything that is unseen. 

Without a doubt, human beings can create videos which show Jinns acting but their existence cannot be doubted just as we dont see air but we can feel. Their existence can be felt by human senses.  I don't know how do you make of it but certainly it is a worth the watch.
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