Mubashir Luqman's Past And How He Glorified MQM and Altaf Hussain

What has made Mubashir Luqbman go all anti-MQM and Altaft Hussain lately? It is a question that has kept me bothering all day long. Is it not the same double standard that we usually see from our very dear politicians? Luqbman has come out as a whistle blower and says he will reveal some more shocking stories within 7 days. 

In Musharraf-era when MQM was all powerful in Sindh and had good say in the capital, the same Luqman never tired of praising their style of politics and their humbling beginnings. Now is Luqman on another assignment given from our so-called omnipotent establishment? 

Or that he has his loyalties shifted to the cause of PTI, Imran Khan and Naya Pakistan? Well, that is not the issue if he has changed his mind but let us just not forget he was quite fan of the party chief and political party that he has turned so against. 

Lifafa journalists are all rampant in our media and they continue to change their allegiances. Maybe the paymaster has ordered him to do something else. I am not presenting a charge sheet against Luqman who is popular and listened to across the country. Nor do I doubt his honesty in exposing the evil and mafia-like nature of MQM.

But the fact remains we cannot change the past. Here is what Luqman sounded like in the past when talking about MQM. 

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