Mass Cheating Incident In India

There are instances of cheating in examinations across the world. Even in the most educated countries, there are incidents when students are caught cheating by the invigilators and face different consequences. But this time India recorded something very unfamiliar. 

Students climbed up the building to assist students cheat in what seemed to be an examination time. The incident occurred in the Indian state of Bihar, Patna. The whole episode was recorded through the eye of camera. This story is enough to make fun of India's educational system.

I haven't seen any such thing in my life. Despite being a witness to various incidents of cheating in the school and colleges, this is certainly a rare case. It is one of its own kind mass cheating incident that questions the credibility of education in the country and particularly in this city. 

It was a board examination of matriculation. There were many people around the centers to assist their related students taking exam. The recent development in the case is that around 515 students have been expelled for using illegal means to pass their exam. 

The entire exam has been credited and there is another interesting element to the story. Government has demanded the help of parents to curb the instances of cheating. Of course, this incident has left a serious question mark on the credibility of education. 

Well, that's a common place in most of Pakistani institutions and students use various illegal methods to pass the exam but this level of mass cheating has certainly put India in the negative spotlight. Indian government should take this issue seriously and redress this issue. 
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