How It Feels To Be In Grave?

Ever wonder how it feels like to be in grave? We have all witnessed people dying and burying them in the graveyard and then come back to usual and normal life. It is always a gloomy sight and we feel despondent. 

But these guys took this experience to another level where we can actually feel how it feels to be in the grave. Everyone has to die and nothing in this world can escape the process of dying. This experiment was conducted in Dubai--ironically a place of worldly pleasures and joys. 


The man who got himself buried in the grave had a great and overwhelming experience. He remained there in the dark pit for 20 mins and when his friends dug him out he started crying and repented for all the sins he had committed in his life. 

He quickly gained the insight that his relationship with Allah, wife and children and other people was not good. He was not happy. 

It is defining moment in his life. This video will change the view of life we have. It is a temporary world and everyone has to face Allah on the day of resurrection and i am sure this will change your life too.

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