Dubai van sales job available, latest vacancies

Vans sales job in Dubai are hot these days and people from places like India, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia are flocking to this small, yet rich estate of United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you have been working in a sales field for more three years, then this job is going to suit you and I am sure you have what it takes to get yourself notice by the employer. The job I am sharing you with guys here is not for everyone because the company that has given the offer is a reputed concern that has been into workshop and automotive tools for the past thirty years.
The employer is not interested in where you are from, but if you have three to four years experience in the sales of automotive and workshop tools and related material, you could be the right candidate and I bet you already have applied for several job postings if you fit into the criteria. India workers are coming to Dubai for sales jobs and they manage to find work because of their large network and contacts with their fellow countrymen.

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