Brave Pakistani Girl Slaps Boy In London Train

This brave Pakistani girl made the headlines of social media and mainstream media. She slapped a misbehaving guy on the London train. The guy was obviously shocked and was not expecting such a reaction from the Pakistani girl. 

The boy hurled verbal abuse at the guy which led to the slap.  Pakistanis are heaping praise on this girl for her brave act that will certainly prevent such incidents from happening on the train. It should be noted that the incidents of catcalling and verbal abuse at girls on London train are commonly reported. 
The authorities have failed to curb this and this girl played her part in the offensive and unnoticed crime that especially men commit while travelling on the tramp.  Hats off to this lady. It was a mobile camera that recorded the incident. People are obviously scared of Pakistani people. Don't mess with them or they will screw you up. 

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