Amazing Social Experiment On Hijab

This is a social experiment that took place in some part of Russia and the results are astounding to say the least. The experiment was conducted on women with veil or without it. There are two fictional and planted characters who play out the entire scene in the shopping malls and public places. 

The different is glaring and the results are amazing and show how important it is for women to keep veil on their bodies because it gives them respect and dignity which they need most across the world. The girl without hijab is scrutinized by the onlookers as almost every passing by male notice them. 

While the woman with hijab on goes unnoticed most of the time. Both characters are fighting each other out in the public. It is surprising that guys don't tend to look at girls who are wearing hijab. I remain convinced that Hijab is symbol of pride and dignity for the women. And this is something why the rate of rape and molestation in Islamic societies is a rare thing. 

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