A Story That Will Change Your Life

Cat calling is common among the world. Recently, there was a social experiment conducted on the issue in New York and the results were horrendous to say the least. The similar experiment took place in New Zealand but the results were better and totally opposite. 

The girls have a hard in public in the most of the countries. Teen age boys tend to fool around with girls in their schools and colleges and it is a common sight there. In the case of subcontinent, it is also the same story perhaps a bit more harsher than the first world.

The boys try to flirt with girls and come up with socially unacceptable behavior. But it is something that older and mature people usually frown upon and rightly so. In India's case, the rise in number of rape incidents is alarming which goes to show that men are still unable to accept women in the workplace and public places. 


Many boys are doing it just for the fun of it and others are being overly insensitive to the feelings of women. I dont doubt there is the role of girls too. They allow the boys to invade their privacy and cooperate with them which lead to undesired consequences. 

The pre-marital relationships are not all bad. They lead to marriages and happy lives in some of the cases but establishing the relationships with girls or rather multiple affairs is not something we should do. 

Some boys are in the habit of constantly teasing the girls who do not want to talk but they try coerce them into talking . It is not a socially or morally acceptable behavior. There is this fantastic video on the subject. The case taken in this video is from India and is based on a real life story. 

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