Zulfiqar Mirza Program That Did Not Go On Air

Zulfiqar Mirza has always been in news for his audacious statements over Peoples Party and Pakistani politics. The ex Sindh home minister is now in the news. PPP seems to have confronted with internal strife and differences. He has recently come up against his long-time friend and political ally Asif Ali Zardari. 

Mirza sahab is in the habit of exposing the corrupt and criminal element within the PPP and other political players. Is he right in bashing Zardari or does he have any vested interest for doing all this? I think his recent statements reflect deeply entrenched differences between Bilawal Bhutto and his father Asif Ali Zardari. 

According to Mirza, Zardari and co is running the party and Sindh government like a corporation and they are making big cash using all the public funds and resources. Bilawal also voiced his criticism over Altaf Hussain in the past. 

While Bilal is in London currently but Mirza believes his homecoming will outweigh than that of Benazir Bhutto's in 1980s. Time will tell. At the moment, PPP is reeling from internal party conflicts and their performance in the last government tenure was far from being average. 

This is the program that did not go on air. See the uncensored program and watch the new revelations of Mirza Sahab. 

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