Pakistani girls studying in London: A shocking report

Syed Talat Hussain, a renowned TV anchor and host, did a program a few months ago, in which he talked about the miserable conditions of Pakistani girls living and studying in London. Check out this video and share your views.

London has always been one of the best places for students from across the world, especially for students from India and Pakistan. Talat Hussain jetted to UK to make a short film a few months back, in an attempt to show us a true picture of Pakistan students living abroad and shed light on how miserably these seemingly-prosperous students are living in the UK. Especially girls, whose only survival is to look to their fellow Pakistani boys as a last resort  because they do not have a job to continue their studies.

Education is expensive in London and this is what hurt the most and most of the girls are not able to afford the college fees. Hit by shortage of money, most of the Pakistani girls end up quitting their education, and remember these girls come to the UK after spending hundreds of pounds--something their parents were obligated to do when sending them to study in the UK.

As for the accommodation, Pakistani girls are in trouble as they do no have enough money left to afford a living in expensive cities like London. Rent is high in most of the areas close to their education centres and colleges, while transporation makes it even more difficult for females to go to college on a regular basis.

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