Muslim followers of peer dance, jump like maniac in masjid

I am shocked and surprised at the way these people dance and this is certainly horrendous. A mosque/masjid in Jordan became the scene of total chaos after a Muslim leader's followers showed their best performance, dancing to songs jumping around like crazy.
Fake and jaali Muslim Peer dances in masjid mosque: Dancing with followers 
With some oldies bobbing their head to the tune, the Muslim priest or scholar or whatever you may want to call him (should I call him a priest or what?) sat their with a big smile on his face. He clearly seemed happy at the reception.

Some people argued that this is not Islam and this should not be accepted as true form of Islam. No matter how good the dancers performed in front of their boss, there are plenty of strong responses to this act and some people even branded it anti-Islamic.

The scene starts with a Peer Sahab sitting like a lord in his grand chair while his followers are circling him, hand in hand. One by one, followers step in the circle and start dancing ridiculously, trying to get the peer's attention. I do not know how the peer sahab was keeping them all enchanted. It looks like peer sahab was transmitting some kind of electric current into the ones dancing in front of him.

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  1. Which community of muslim is this? Are these people even muslim? If anyone know plz help me