Meet The Man Who Eats 100 Rotis Daily

Some people are special but some are more special. The normal human beings cant even imagine eating 100 rotis in one sitting. But here is a guy in Pakistan who eats 100 rotis in one sitting. 

Laborer by profession, the guy does not earn money for his family but only himself. He daily comes to a hotel and eats near 100 nans. He has attracted the attention of people as they come to watch him eat. 

That's the stunning sight for all of them. The guy says if he does not have money due to no work, he relies on eating around 20-25 rotis. 

So much for this abnormal human being. Perhaps he's possessed by jinns who eat this much but it seems to public eye that he's eating. According to him, he has been eating this many rotis over 25 years. 

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