Man saves stranded dog

The world sometimes seems to be full of war, crimes, and chaos but there is always lurking goodness somewhere buried in the evil world that we live in. Granted that it is not a perfect world we live in. The evil corporations rule over our lives and the same goes for the individuals who handle the entire population. 

However, there is always hope. I will rate this guy a superior to Superman. Superman is just a legendary creature that we aspire to watch in action in folklore but this guy is such a gentleman who took the risk to save an animal. 

Such animal loving people are all we need in the world. This guy is not a celebrity nor does work for any corporate organization but he has won over the hearts of millions of people across the world. Greetings to him on saving the life of dying dog. 

The stranded dog could not have survived had this real life superman jumped down to rescue him. Humanity is rare these days but when it manifests, it does make you feel happy. 

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