Imran Khan press conference: Altaf Hussain's remarks PTI girls

Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI), spoke to a hastily-arranged press conference at Islamabad Monday. Imran Khan openly slammed MQM chief's Altaf Hussain who hurled a series of allegations on Imran Khan and PTI.
Imran Khan came across as a bit more furious than before as the media had been abuzz with Altaf Hussain's recent attacks on PTI and its leadership. It was more than we have seen in the past. Imran, without any hesitation, blamed MQM for the killing of its worker Zahra Shahid, who was assassinated just a few days before the General Elections 2013.

Speaking about Altaf Hussain's remarks on PTI girls, Imran Khan said MQM should realize what sort of leadership is ruling this party. "Respecting women is important, regardless of what political faction you belong to," Imran said.

He asked PEMRA that how come someone can talk bad about women. Imran referred to Altaf Hussain's remaks where he blamed PTI's recent dharna saw some illegal activities, with girls handing out cell phone numbers of guys.

Pakistani politics is getting more and more complex by the day and we have to find a way forward if we want to maintain peace. Friction is not the answer to our woes and especially Karachi should not be put in trouble.

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