Halal Food Pakistan: Ministry of Science Report

This is sad as the government has not been able to do anything about prohibited food being imported into Pakistan. I have been trying to get my hands on the reports and notifications in this regard.
Yesterday, a shocking news emerged regarding haram food being sold in Pakistan and the worst part is there is no regulation and directive to stop this. Pakistan, which is constitutionally an Islamic country, does not allow open selling of prohibited items to general public.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has rocked the boat, in my opinion, as about 23 items are being imported under the nose of government, custom authorities and other bodies responsible to keep an eye on trade. The items listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology are illegal, according to Pakistani constitution which espouses Islamic Shariah, because they contain elements or ingredients deemed haram by Islam.

Selling liquor is partly allowed as people are dealing in this business under the pretext of non-Muslim status and the government allows it. But daily-use food items being sold like this is clear violation of the law and constitution.

Some religious factions have already started campaigns to force the government to stop import of prohibited items. 
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