Dead whale stomach blows up

A sperm whale stomach exploded after a fishery official tried to open it up with a pointing stick. As he attempted to work his way through, whale's stomach suddenly exploded, showing him with smelly gunk and bile.
You can imagine the smell that stank up the whole area because watching it alone can make your head spin, let alone walk up to the dead creature and feel rotten perfume waft through your nostrils.

Disgusting indeed. But a million dollar question is why the heck the whale's stomach blew up?

Since whale had been lying dead for too many days at the island and large gas pocket has already developed inside, prodding its stomach with a sharp object caused it to explode. You can see the man nearly got showered with the smelly innards. He was too quick to step back and save himself. It definitely was not all in a day's work. 
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