How Petrol Crisis Came Under Control?

Pakistan is never short of crisis. Terrorism and lawlessness has always been there. But this month petrol hit the country and that under the premiership of Nawaz Sharif-known for battling with unique type of crisis throughout this government tenures. Lahore was the worst hit city while Karachi only saw a one of day oil suspension.  It created an absolute mess for millions of citizens that travel daily for their daily needs. Talk about the memes after such an awful situation. The government however reacted quickly after Pakistan Army intervened to resolve the pressing issue. 
According to Dr Shahid Masood, Army ordered the government to end the crisis or it would take the matter in its hands much like the military courts that came into inception following the devastating APS school attack in Peshawar. With Army ready to ease public worry, the government reacted efficiently and ended the crisis within 6 hours. It is another question mark for the competence of democratically elected politicians. Why are they so inefficient and always fail to deliver? This has been the reason for ever Army coup. Nawaz government has seen yet another most bizarre crisis to their record. 

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