Amazing Video: Dolphin Saves Drowning Dog

Life is full of miracles sometimes. It is the moment when something happens beyond our human intelligence and comprehension. The similar thing happened when the drowning dog was saved by the Dolphin. It is great example of affinity between different creatures. Dog slips into the open sea and his chances of survival are rare because he cannot swim through the sea for too long. He was lucky as the Dolphin rose to the occasion and saved his life. Much to the surprise of the onlookers, this was no less than a miracle that rarely happens. We have seen videos of lions saving the dying deer. We human beings should take it as an example and learn to live peacefully and in harmony with each other despite racial, religious, lingual differences. This Dolphin deserves an accolade for such bravery and saving the life of living being. It goes to show that animals and mammals are also sensitive to the suffering to each other. 

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