How Our Media Pokes Fun At National Heroes

Every nation has some heroes and they respect them come what may. Nobody dares insult or questions their question let alone mimic their failing or weaknesses. The Pakistani media, however, seems to be in the fashion of poking ridicule at the national heroes who come off different walks of life. It goes to show how decadent we are tuning out to be as a society. The legends are there to be respected and not ridiculed in live television shows. It does not mean that there should not be comical shows but these media outlets must have outlined limits. No one has the right to poke fun the national heroes. Javed Miandad is one of the legendary national figures for his services to the national team. These guys should not insult the figures in such a hilarious fashion. See the video and watch how Javed Miandad was insulted for his stammering speaking skills. There should be some law in place. Enough said. 

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