PTI girls overshadow Imran Khan's speeches

By Saeed Jamal

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) girls and their attention-grabbing dance moves are in the news. They are on the electronic media, in the papers and in social media posts. 

There were many attendees (mainly Islamabad residents) who I guess had especially come to have fun and a night out.

Imran Khan speeches might not have made the desired impression on his political rivals and Nawaz Sharif, but his crowd definitely gave the media enough material to write about. The anti-government sit-in that is being staged to remove Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif looked more like a concert than a serious protest. 
PTI workers at Azadi March

They even danced to Atta ullah Esa Khelvi songs that are most of the times cripplingly boring. The Azadi March has stretched into its sixth day and there seems no hope that Nawaz Sharif will go home. However, we had an opportunity to listen to some of the great singers of the country. Abrar ul Haq stole the show when he sang a song standing on a Pakistani Flag.

Abrar ul Haq standing on Pakistani Flag during PTI Azadi March (Islamabad) 
According to reports, there was an incident of sexual harassment at PTI Azadi March as some girls complained about being molested during their dance. Confirming these reports, Imran Khan also gave a hint that some PTI workers were involved in sexual harassment and teasing girls during the March as he told members to respect women during one of his live speeches. 

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