BOL TV mounts pressure on GEO NEWS

How did Bol TV Network, a fledgling news channel and media house who is accused of leaning overtly to country's military, become the biggest threat to Jang Group in general and GEO News in particular? 

GEO News is clearly under pressure as BOL Network has started attracting anchor persons, news reporters and other technical experts like a rash and it appears that by the time the new channel gets on air in October, much will have changed in the electronic media industry of Pakistan.

BOL Network CEO, Shoaib Shaikh is a charismatic person and he has been vowing to shake up the entire news media with his corporate-style tactics that promise big benefits for employees. 

With most of the news channels having failed to satisfy their employees in terms of timely pay, and other monetary benefits, BOL TV is capitalizing on these grievances, and it is working well.

During his company’s annual gathering held at PAF Base, Karachi in April, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh shook up the electronic, print and radio establishment when he openly challenged rival news channels and media outlets, advising them to pay three times as much to their employees if they wanted to beat BOL TV.

A mouth-watering salary is one of the biggest features BOL TV boasts about as reporters, anchorpersons tend to switch to organizations that pay them sufficiently enough to lead a comfortable life.

Shoaib Shaikh is smart and he has the real knack for luring employees. His years of experience in IT industry has honed his skills of keeping employees happy—something we are observing in the case of BOL TV.

“Kamran Khan doesn’t make a move that is not calculated,” a Karachi-based journalist confided in us during an online correspondence with Green Flag News.
“Kamran Khan will definitely make others want to move to BOL and his departure from GEO News has put a nasty dent in Jang group’s credibility as the most powerful news channel in Pakistan.”

The journalist said “big money” definitely makes a difference and most of the reporters, camera crew, editorial members and other staff working in different news channels complain about being poorly paid, which is enough to make them want to move to better opportunities they find in the market.

“Tough economy is choking everyone, and if BOL promises a happy future, why wouldn't you consider quitting your present job?” he asked.

It remains to be seen how many of big names in the news media will join BOL, but one thing is for certain: BOL has sent shock waves through the entire news media of Pakistan.

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