Ayat al Kursi benefits

Ayat al Kursi is part of Surah al Baqarah and is very powerful for protection. Since the Ayat ul Kursi mentions the glory of Allah, it is very beneficial when it comes to dealing with magic (Sihr), evil eye and potential harm by any creature in the universe. I am sharing here the benefits of reciting the Ayat here for you guys to get a better understanding of how effective it is.
Guarantee of Jannah, safety from thefts and enemies, removal of djin possessions, removal of black magic.
These days, black magic or psychic attacks are a commonplace in most of the Muslim societies and sadly victims usually end up going into the wrong hands. When I say "wrong hands", you should know that there is a wide range of professionals working under the guise of spiritual consultants, Amil, or psychic healers.
Benefits of reciting Ayat al Kursi

Ayat ul Kursi Urdu translation

Even worse, some people are working as Noori Amils (White magicians?) and they operate from mosques (masaajid). I know how a self-proclaimed Islamic healer, who belongs to a famous madarasa of Karachi, ruined an innocent girl's life and precious time by crippling her mind. Despite his affiliation with a well-known Islamic seminary, he caste a "white magic spell" (I will explain the difference between white magic and black magic later) on the girl (an electronic engineer) because a customer (this customer lived near my house) wanted to marry her but she kept refusing. Obviously there was money involved, a nice motive for that Islamic healer to continue his evil work.

Make ayat al kursi part of your daily recitation and I assure you this will be enough to keep away all kinds of black magic, djinn possessions and other dangers that may come in the form of mishaps, accidents and enmity. Don't forget to share this post and if you have been the victim of black magic, let me know by responding in the comment section and share how you managed to get out of the mess. 
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  1. salams bro my wife have been effected by djinns thats living on the land wich we have our home the land have been passed on from her grandprents and a spritual person told us he have to come and read bakara and resite some other surah to release these djinns from the land he said they want to leave but they are trapped here and also cause all kinds of problems to us my wife has headakes all the time we went to all kinds doctors they cant find any cause . also my busniess has slowed down a lot and i had so much other oppurtunitys and they all got messed up