Dua/Wazifa For Istakhara, Know Secret Things

Do you want to do istakhara to know secret things such as who stole your things or who did black magic on you? This dua/wazifa will enable you know the secrets of the unseen. You will see the secret in your dream after 7-14 days InshAllah. Please do this dua only for knowing the halal and legit things. It is a very easy and effective wazifa/dua will work each time. Please pray obligatory prayers five times a day and do as much charity as you can to always receive accurate news/results. 
Wazifa to know secret things, Istakhara in Urdu

You can also use this dua/wazifa to know whether or not it will be suitable to go abroad, get married to a certain girl/boy or do job/business. All in all, this wazifa will give you accurate secrets because by doing this wazifa you are actually consulting the Almighty and Infinite Power: Allah. After Isha Prayers, Start doing the wazifa with Durood-e-Ibrahimi 11 times. Read: Ya khabeer-o-Akhbarani Anil Ahwal, Ya Aleem-o-Allamni Anil Ahwal 4100 times and sleep with the intention of your purpose. 

URDU: Please refer to the images below. No permission is required to do this wazifa. You can do this yourself.

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  1. What does this dua which has to be recited 4100 times meaning? Can anybody translate it plz.

  2. What does this dua which has to be recited 4100 times meaning? Can anybody translate it plz.

  3. Brother, the meaning of this dua is:

    "Ae Har cheez say baa-khabar zaat mujhay baa-khabar ker day, Ae har cheez ka ilm rakhnay wali zaat, mujhay us cheez ka ilm day day jo men janna chah raha hun"

  4. اس دعا کے معنی یہ ہیں: "اے ہر چیز سے باخبر ذات، مجھے احوال سےباخبر کردے، اے ہر شے کا علم رکھنے والی ذات، مجھے علم دے دے تمام احوال کا (جو میں جاننا چاہتا ہوں)۔

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