How Hamas managed to kill so many Israeli soldiers?

By Sam Hudson

How Hamas managed to kill so many Israeli soldiers in the biggest ground offensive led by IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is a question that has left many war experts scratching their head. 

That latest Gaza battle was not like the ones Hamas had previously fought against its fearsome foe (Israel) that has unmatched military power and the full backing of the United States. 

This time, Hamas surprised its adversary with a lethal tactic that Israel and world war experts paid little attention to before the latest Israel-Hamas battle. It was a complex web of underground tunnels that annoyed Israel troops the most and Hamas hit-and-run operations appeared to be militants' top priority. 

Here is a newly-launched Hamas video that digs into how Qassam Brigades prepared for the big battle and they achieved their goal in the sense that they were able to keep IDF at bay and continued to save much of their facilities during the ground offensive. 

Hamas's turf was not easy to storm for Israel and IDF knew it. But tunnel operations were not anticipated as most of the soldiers got killed as a result of hit-and-run operations that saw small group of militants emerge from tunnels, spray troops with small firearms and then disappear in minutes. 

Gaza saw the most intense and ferocious battle of its history the bloody confrontation left at least seventy Israeli soldiers dead, dozens injured and two of the soldiers were kidnapped by Al Qassam Brigades. While only a dozen Hamas militants were killed in the direct battle as some of them also carried out suicide attacks.

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